Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rainbows and Asshats

Lots of good early season fishing this year. Hit the Farmington this morning, the Housatonic being pretty swollen with recent rain.

I was working a deep run when Mr. Andreas A. Asshat came charging out of the woods on the opposite bank. I had achieved my position by careful and arduous wading, but Mr. Asshat just sauntered to the river, head to toe Simms, and started flipping his nymph and his green bobber right where I was.

If I had cast we would have caught each other.

I moved downstream. Mr. Asshat compounded his monumental rudeness by catching two good trout in a row. Some other cluck came down to join the fun. With recent regulation changes, fly-fishermen now have 21 miles of year-round, excellent trout water to fish. I have to pick Grand Central Moron Station.

That's Mr. Asshat, above. 

Anyway, at this part of the river it is split into three parts, so I went as far from these two bozos as possible and landed this nice rainbow, which is much bigger than it looks, I swear. Probably 18-20 inches, hard to tell in the net.


heavy tweed jacket said...

Too bad about Mr. Asshat. He probably merges into traffic the same way that wades into rivers, sliding into parking spots behind folks that are about to, with blinker flashing, back into that spot. Beautiful fish and a great looking river location, though. Glad you moved elsewhere and found some peace and quiet.

oldmoney said...

Your moving on proves you are the true sportsman!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Beautiful fish. Well done.