Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never Get Rid of the Fat Pants

Two weeks of being sick with a flu/bronchial thing, one week of a mild steroid, and no gym means that despite hardly eating anything during this period I have completely erased all the gains of the winter's gym regimen. I clocked in at 180 pounds this morning, and had to dig out my size 37 chinos. Never, ever get rid of your fat pants after losing a bunch of weight.

[Insert swearing here]

Two more days of the steroid and then it's back to the gym. Salad for everybody!

[Insert more swearing here]

I wish I had a copy of Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band's "Dare To Be Fat" to play as the soundtrack to the next couple of weeks.

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Unknown said...

I think Root Boy invented the stage dive, only when he dove, everyone cleared out. Brings back memories of DC. Charles Saturn