Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yes, I Am Full of Crap

No sooner do I post about having too much stuff and vowing a sell-off than my new shirts from Mercer arrive.

Every so often I buy new stuff, and I try to do so from small outfits that make their goods by hand. Ties and pocket squares (and, regrettably, scarves for hideous ex-girlfriends) from Sam Hober. Cuff links from Kent Wang. Bow ties from The Cordial Churchman.

And shirts from Mercer and Sons. A pink university stripe oxford buttondown and one of their snazzy Italian checks in the point collar. I like Mercers point collars a lot, I think they look good as sport shirts or with a tie (and I skip the stays, I like the rumpled collar bit, it's vaguely English somehow).


Farrago said...

Awesome shirts, aren't they. Got one in the pink uni stripe as well.

3button Max said...

mercer and sons shirts are great, collars like Brooks used to do i eighties( some of us (of a certain age ) may recollect unlinmed collars on ocbd- i have blue stripe-w/ a Jpress style flap pocket.