Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Update — Just got the Brooks Bros. shirt today (top photo). Hint: If you're searching eBay for madras shirts, try "sport shirt."

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In the warm weather I divide my spare time between two remote locations about 75 miles apart, in NW Connecticut and the Catskills in New York.

The goal is to be able to throw a dop kit and spare shorts into the duffel bag and go. No trundling clothing around.

So I've been amassing sport shirts on the cheap — some from the thrift shops, but most from eBay — including these two just today.

From the same seller, these two short-sleevers came to just under $30 shipped. I might have been able to argue the seller down a couple of bucks on the shipping — but naaah.

These are, frankly, better than what I'm likely to find thrifting. And $15 per isn't all that much different than two $4 thrift shops shirt plus the gas to drive to the place, 15 miles round trip, plus the time involved.

Right? Right.

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