Sunday, March 20, 2011

Under the Influence

Under the influence of John Mordock, a fishing writer out of Ulster county, N.Y., who says the bugs on the Esopus have gotten smaller over the years, I got my initial lineup of new flies from Wally Allen, who runs Ligas Flies out of Boulder, Colo.

He's got a terrific selection, great prices, and he writes cheerful notes on the invoice.

Top row: salmon egg, Dark Cahill, Light Cahill. Bottom row: Leadwing Coachman, Adams, Blue Dun
Bottom: San Juan Worm, dark red

All the wets are size 16. The other two are 14.

Small and wet is the ticket this year. Opening Day nears.


Books by Mordock are hard to find, apparently he likes to sell through small retailers. I applaud the goal but it does mean you have to work for them. For his guide to Catskill streams and ponds I went via Feathercraft, a fly shop in St. Louis.

For my money the best general book on fly-fishing remains Taylor Streit's Instinctive Fly Fishing

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