Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL '07 - The League Goes To London; Or Whose Bright Idea Was This?

The New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins are playing today at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The Giants are 5-2 and the Dolphins are 0-7. Will anybody care?

Who thinks these things up, anyway? Did they pick New York and Miami because those are the two most likely U.S. airports for British travelers?

The Giants are having a decent year but Miami's a disaster. Couldn't the league put everybody on notice that someone's going to go to London in Week Eight and then send that week's best matchup?

Oh, but this is just part of the TV show that is the NFL. I forgot. The main thing is to show huge football players wandering around London and listening quizzically to authentic Cockney, as spoken by someone originally from Pakistan. That's a'right, innit?

Last week's quiet 8-6 narrowed the deficit a bit to 40-56-7.

NYG - 9.5 vs. Mia at London

Buf +3 at NYJ

Cle -3 at StL

Chi -5 vs. Det

Ind - 6.5 at Car (note: Indy defense has only allowed 95 points over six games - an average of 15.8)

Ten - 7.5 vs. Oak

Phi -1 at Min

Pit - 3.5 at Cin

Hou +9 at SD

TB -3.5 vs. Jax
NO -2.5 at SF

Was + 16.5 at NE (note: Here's where the Pats break down a bit. 'Skins have allowed 88 points - an average of 14.6 per game. )

GB +3 at Den (Monday night)

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