Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Peril

Longwing, the Long-Suffering Trad, mentions rather casually in his blog today that he will be concentrating on buying a few ties. Nothing major, y'know.

And I say "Ha!"

I picked up these nifty Paul Stuart silk knits at the thrift today for a buck apiece. No big deal, right?

I've been just picking up nifty ties for a buck apiece for a few years now, and folks, it is no exaggeration to state that I could wear a different tie every day (starting today) and still have enough to make it to the '09 holiday season.

The ties in current rotation (wrong word, implies repeated use and constant turnover) reside draped over doors. It doesn't hurt them any and keeps them in eyeshot.

Why don't I keep them on the handy-dandy motorized tie racks a kind fellow in Illinois gave me?

Because the motorized tie racks are full, that's why.

So I advise all men to be wary of the tie mania. The peril is real.

That's not funny, that's sick.


longwing said...

PLS, You posted this on the local newspaper's site? Man, you better go get a burgular alarm. That's what I call waiving the flag a little to loud.

Nice ties though, i'd pinch a few myself if you'd let me in, which I don't recommend.

Patrick said...

Not to worry. For starters, hardly anybody reads it. And secondly, those who do, do not wear neckties.