Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yogurt Smoothie

Tired of feeling bloated? Well, stop eating that cheeseburger and go get some plain low- or no-fat yogurt, a bottle of weird Polar diet soda and some frozen berries.

Using your wisdom in the ways of science, combine four medium blobs of yogurt, three good splashes of diet soda and half a pound of frozen berries in a blender, and let 'er rip.

What you will get is something that looks like Pepto-Bismol that's been up and down a couple of times, but it tastes good and - here's the best part - after about two weeks of ingesting this stuff regularly, something in the gut lets go.

The sound effect for this gastrointestinal event (taken from the catalog of Mad magazine's Don Martin) is:


Yes, with a mighty wind everything that was bugging you will emerge, and continue to emerge.

For days.



longwing said...

Sounds very interesting, but I don't know about this Polar soda. Is this a regional thing or do I just need to look around a little harder?

Looking forward to the penny loafer piece.

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

Whoops, I guess you can't edit the comments for spelling.

Here's a photo of the soda in question. There's one called something like "Pomegranate Surprise" that's even pinker.

Fresca would probably be good too, although the smoothie would then be bile-colored.