Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Great Loafer Hunt (continued)

Just got these Johnston & Murphy Aristocrats from eBay, and they fit.

Hooray for that.

They need new soles and the heels are getting close to done. I think I will try my local cobbler rather than going the NuShoe route, partly because I am curious about the indigenous guy, and I think he will be cheaper, and partly because I know a girl in that town and I could just accidentally drop in and say hello.

These have a nicely banged-up look to them. I have no idea how to guess their age, but I'm sure some shoe nut out there can tell from the markings on the heel.

What do you suppose "Sulvaprene" is? Sounds like an ointment for genital warts or something equally foul.

"Lifelong," no less. A gift that keeps on giving?

Funny thing - a few years ago I would have eaten a mud pie on national television rather than wear loafers. Now I devote considerable time, energy and resources to the quest for the right ones. Damn you, clothing forums.


3button Max said...

great post and pic-I also enjoyed the outdoor shots .blogs on fishing camps etc-nice photography.

This aristocrat seems to be of slightly different construction than the JM ski moc (near penny) loafer-in fact more like a weejun.
old Max is a devotee of loafers.
no doubt w/ refurbishing = shoe trees these should have a long life -and a good home.


Paper Clip said...

Those look great Patrick. Please post post-op photos.