Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pensive WTH Style

Why "pensive," you ask?

Because it's a better word than "lachrymose," "lugubrious," or "angst-ridden" for the situation.

Which is, in a nutshell, this:

I got sick. I thought it was last year's tick thing. There is no evidence of that, but to be on the safe side the doc gave me a course of antibiotics, which make me sick as a particularly mangy-looking dog.

One side effect of the medication is a roiled tummy. And where there is a roiled tummy there are frequent trips to that little building in the middle distance in the first photo.

I could be doing this in my apartment but it's much quieter and nicer up here at the summer camp.

Which has no plumbing to speak of.

Just to pile on the joy, I went on a Graham Greene kick, grabbing a stack from the library. (
A Burnt-Out Case, The Human Factor, The Honorary Consul.) I haven't read these books in years, and while they are excellent and enjoyable they are not, perhaps, the best tonic for a man whose insides are churning around. As I read about Senor So-and-so's struggles with Faith or inability to love his fellow human beings I am reminded of the insides doing the fandango, and of the fact I haven't had a date since the Super Bowl.

So until this thing wears off I am switching to P.G. Wodehouse.

Jacket is a McGregor; madras shirt from J. Press; Lands End Super-Ultimate-Mega Chinos; Sebago loafers and SmartWool socks, as it was a bit chilly that day.


Anonymous said...

You're looking good even if you're not feeling it - Get well soon.

Patrick Murtha said...

I've just started The Heart of the Matter, so I chuckled at your comments on Greene.

PM (also known as "topbroker")

Anonymous said...

Getting through one Graham Greene is hard enough for me. I could not do multiple, especially not while ill.

That madras pattern is great.

Tom Buchanan