Saturday, May 31, 2008

WTH Style - Angling for the Neo-Hippie Vote

If I was running for office I'd wear something like this to get the indie rock festival crowd vote. With a color scheme like this, who needs psychedelics?

Let's face it, the khaki sack is a pretty drab garment. But with a little creativity something funky this way comes.

The shirt is a Mercer, and if I had it to do again I think I'd have had this (and its yellow-blue brother) made as a buttondown.

The tie is a thrifted jobber from the "Rugby" line from Ralph of Long Island. The colors are nice and it is completely unlined, which is unusual and makes it hang funny.

Having gone thus far with colors I didn't think a blast of orange and purple from the breast pocket could possibly hurt. What the hell.

An extra fillip of color on the watch strap, and then things calm down at the feet.


Richard said...

Well done! I agree, the khaki suit is a drab garment, but you spiced it up well. In addition, I am enjoying the blog.

3button Max said...

you make it work nicely.

That is a sharp Mercer, which comes off really well as a tennis collar. The kicker ,to me , is a timex on an audacious colorful ribbon strap.Just the right amt of GTH insouciance .(sorry Pat-my bro is the writer for Associated Press-I just like to pretend I can write a sentence.!) I saw an old trad man at grocery store w/Timex easy reader and yello blue band-- I thought "Dude, do you read coiled Pleasures?"
So Max looks at his crummy 1977 Timex (w/ colorful faux grosgrain) and realizes he has to vanish and fool the media.. looking forward to your posts..


Anonymous said...

Cool shirt. I once considered the yellow/blue for a short sleeve.
Yours looks good with the tie.

e said...

I'm not feeling the color scheme of the socks...will you be posting a "sandal look" after your dr. appt.?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. "Khaki sack". It has a certain ring to it. ;)

Wonderful suit.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well done, P. I love the colours here. And the suit is gorgeous. Looking forward to more posts.

Patrick said...

No sandals. I have a pair for fishing and that's it.

I considered throeing some gaudy socks on with this, but reason regained her throne. Enough going on elsewhere.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Max ~ When can we expect your blog? ;)

3button Max said...

Pat -have enjoyed poetry and pix.
Thanks Lagunabeach-I may have to blog.-but I am surrounded by several really gifted writers-blogsters w/ insight, wit and humor.might consider doing a guest blog..