Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coming soon...

I have been derelict in my posting lately, mostly because I have been under siege at Space Camp, where medical history is being made in the form of a highly communicable mental disorder, Infectious Stupidity.

Every day is an adventure when IS is roaring through the workplace. Those of us who are seemingly immune can only pick up the pieces, mop up the messes and pray for a happier, better time. Selah.

But I have a big essay in the works on The Avengers, and I wrote some notes on a few genuinely weird films noir I dug up from the vaults. Please stay tuned.

And for crying out loud start clicking on the little ad on the right hand side, even if you have zero interest in the pitch. If enough of you keep clicking, and get your pals to start clicking, then eventually Google will send me a check and I can be on my way to an independent life, free of the bondage of wage slavery and the peril of Infectious Stupidity.

(Click, damn you! Click!)

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