Saturday, June 7, 2008

Forsaking the Trad part two

This pose is called "Ready For Ignition." It is frequently seen in the self-timed photography genre, and also in the "photographed by a malignant dwarf who lives in the crawl space" genre.

This suit has working buttons on the sleeves and flat-front trousers. Also twin vents. I have paired it here with a larger checked shirt and links from Charles Tyrwhitt and a Kent Wang pocket square, plus a bold striped tie from somewhere or another.

All these patterns jockeying for position in the viewer's perception is not my usual M.O., but I grow weary of the same Tradly things over and over.

It is a mood that will pass, especially later this morning, when I have to go into work early and will have no time to be creative. If I can find a shirt that works with my bloodshot eyes it will be enough.

The shoes are Edward Greens I found in the Torrington, Conn. Goodwill and had refurbished by NuShoe.


3button Max said...

well done again-

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

This is a wonderful look for you, IMO. There's nothing wrong with departing from Trad, once in a while anyway. I'm consistently amazed at what you find at your local thrift shops. A veritable Trad thrifter's paradise.