Friday, June 6, 2008

Forsaking the Trad

There are days when doing the same old Tradly thing just isn't happening. Plus I have a bunch of stuff that fails the usual Trad litmus test in one way or another, and these garments need either to be worn or moved along to someone else.

This Brooks Brothers suit is a nice open weave that is light and airy for the sticky weather we are just now starting to experience. And with the twin vents, darts, pleats and moderate shoulder padding it's more John Steed than John Bolton.

And why the hell not? I like being a traditionalist, but I won't be pigeonholed. Plus, let's face it, to most Americans I'm just the guy in the suit.

Particulars: BB suit (eBayed); BB shirt (clearance); Kent Wang links and pocket square (actually paid retail here); Footjoy seconds from Golf Locker; Waltham automatic from eBay; thrifted Harve Benard tie. Cost for the whole shebang, probably about $250, but who knows what it would be new. Lots more.


Tucker said...

Outstanding, Patrick. Everything works well together and your sleeve/cuff lengths are perfect.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Wonderful. Glad to see you're mixing it up a bit. Personally I don't mind darts and pleats. And I actually prefer side vents. But that's just me. Probably doesn't make me very trad though. I figure I have enough sack coats/suits, OCBDs, repp ties, and flat front trousers to qualify.

3button Max said...

great Pat-well done.
Nice to see jacket to shirt sleeve cuff in proper ratio-
and quite a bargain at that... I'd call it modern traditional.


Anonymous said...

p.l.s., This is my first comment here. This outfit works really well. I don't know if I would go so far as to say that this is forsaking trad. After all, there is a natural shouldered 2B suit; suits don't need to always be 3/2 sacks, as JFK so well showed us. Excellent cuff length on both the jacket and trousers. Very sharp, indeed.