Friday, June 27, 2008

Low-Key WTH Style

After yesterday's excesses I went very low-key today, with the WTH aspect being the lilac shirt (which looks white in the pics) and the funky old Paul Stuart knit I found at the thrift shop.

The exasperated expression was free.

Thrifted BB sack blazer, Bill's poplins, Sebago black pennies, BB shirt, thrifted tie, Hober square, Central strap on a Timex EZ Reader.

What the hell.

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Tony Ventresca said...

How do you like the Sebago loafers?

Anonymous said...

Great tie.

Patrick said...

A guy whispered to me the other night, "Nice shine," speaking of the Sebagos.

"Corrected grain," I whispered back.

They are comfy and were a great deal from one of the internet outfits, I forget which one.

Anonymous said...

I like this look. That's the same watch band I've been using for about a year now - not every day. I think it's the best.