Monday, June 16, 2008

The Largemouth Bass - A Mouth with Fins

I have been spending a lot of time on the mountain, where there is no electricity, minimal plumbing, and a great deal of peace and quiet.

It does play hell with blogging, though.

Today is a trout fishing day - overcast, cooler, with thunderstorms in the forecast - but the last few days have been terrific for largemouth bass in the lake up there.

I forgot to bring the camera down so I will finish this post later.

Or anon, a word that drives some of the clothing forum guys nuts...

Several days later...

The bass have been entirely cooperative, and I am playing around with ever-lighter tackle, trying to see just what is possible in the way of bringing four or five pounds of irritated fish to the net with something meant for trout that are measured in inches, not pounds.

This fatty was hauled in with a four weight Orvis rod, designed for small nymphs in freestone streams. Fair bent the thing in half.

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