Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Weather WTH Style

I began Saturday inauspiciously, cooling my heels at the emergency room waiting for one of our clients to get de-panicked. There's nothing like a country hospital waiting room at 1 in the morning to make a guy wonder if perhaps there isn't a less onerous way to make a living.

At the stroke of 9 the yutz who allegedly "manages" my building woke me up with the old Weedwhacker Under the Window Trick.

Which was okay, as I had to shower, shave and don the least hot of my funeral suits (an Oxxford that really fits well, pure chance that, got it on eBay) and attend a memorial service for a kid who overdosed on heroin.

Then back to the house for a nap and the regular day.

It was flat-out HOT today - sticky, low 90s, yecch, so I thought "Hey, What the Hell" and went to work garbed in a linen blazer from the Bros.; nice subtle checked buttondown, ditto; exceptionally baggy Bill's pleated poplins; obnoxious socks and bucks, and the Republican Nose Ring (aka the madras bow tie)...

...I think I solidified my reputation at work today, that being of a man who absolutely does not give a shit.

Is a wooden spatula Trad?


Richard said...

Excellent clothing! I really like the bow tie and bucks. Well done!

3button Max said...

great bow tie Pat-may i ask source?
(the spatula is cool too.)


Anonymous said...

Looking smart patrick. Have I seen you in a bow before? I don't remember. Maybe one of those relatives of yours? I've been thinking about bows myself. I've got 2 that are wearable (yellow and burgund) but I may have to expand the collection.

Patrick said...

The bow is a Brooks Bros. I got in a lot along with three of the old Lands End bows. The LE bows disappeared from the ineup two-three years ago, I believe, and I wish they'd bring them back.

3button Max said...

thanks for info Patrick-
I have a couple of Lands end bows left.

had 3 wool blend paisley bows from LE lasted 20+ years w/fairly regular wear.-they also kept the width to 2' to 2 & 1/4 available longer than other makers-many wide bows today make the wearer look almost gift wrapped.

we could grow up 2gether said...

so drawn to the strap of your wristwatch