Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Acquisitive Mamma-Tamma

(From the top: Ties, ties , and more ties. Thrifted and eBayed. I tend to ruin ties at work, so presentable models at pennies in the dollar represent a good investment. A new LL Bean non-iron oxford cloth buttondown, on sale; an old Brooks Brothers buttondown, untreated, cheap from an Ebay seller. I like the pattern a lot. More ties; these with a 1940s vibe to them. The two on the right are from the Andover Shop; middle yellow one is a Rooster; far left Hilditch and Key. Got the whole mess for $4. A pair of Allen Edmonds Broadstreets in brown, from eBay. I'd been looking for a pair forever. and probably overpaid at $120 shipped, but hey, now I have them, and my spectator needs are now met for the next 50 years. A slew of Brooks bows from an Ask Andyer, and two blue university stripe shirts, one slightly darker than the other, from Ralph of Long Island via eBay. Total for everything, right around $200, with the shoes being the only high ticket item.)

Many people ask, "Patrick, enough already, why do you continue collecting so much stuff?"

And I reply, "Beats the hell out of me, but somebody's got to keep the thrift shops in business during these dark times."

And then they ask, "Why are you writing in the style of Longwing?"

And I reply, "Because he is on vacation."

Significant additions, all eBay, thrifts or private deals with other clothing nuts. I am particularly anxious for Fall now, so I can trot out a couple of older double-breasted suits and wear those 40s-looking ties.

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Anonymous said...

W00T to you, good sir! Great finds! You are a regular wolf in cheap clothing! Looking forward to spectator shoe WTH, or maybe Linus' adventures at Saratoga!