Saturday, July 26, 2008

WTH Style - Stupid Cleaners

The stupid cleaners pressed both my tan poplin sacks wrong - they buttoned them on the top, folded-over button and proceeded.

But luckily I own the Whirlpool Monolithic Steamer, a device so powerful and cumbersome, so awe-inspiring that small ape-like creatures worship it after their crude fashion, that it steams out such errors without breaking a sweat.

(Get it? Steam? Sweat? Ahahahaha.)

I am really enjoying the obnoxious madras ties this summer, and the pocket square comes from Kent Wang's Pocket Squared site. KW makes squares and cufflinks; it's an affordable way to jazz up your style with unusual stuff.

And those silly socks are from Joy of Socks, a silly name for a store if there ever was one. But good merchandise.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Sartorial splendor at its finest.

Tony Ventresca said...

Love the "action" shot. Reminds me of that photo of your dad striding along with Tip.

Tony Ventresca said...

Actually, your photo also reminds me of the poster for Reservoir Dogs, with the five men in black suits walking towards the camera under the tagline "Let's go to work."

KJ said...

I like your style - somehow you manage to take items that one might find a little uunusual and combine them to present a quirky style - but a good look