Thursday, July 17, 2008


A real danger of taking a short vacation is the inevitable trudge back to the drudgery. Today I had to assemble the most obnoxious items available, just to keep the hounds at bay.

The Haspel plaid jacket is extremely comfortable and a pretty good deal from Sierra Trading Post. It is darted, but the darts get lost in the pattern and for the price, who cares?

Currently STP has one in 40R only, and another 42S that's quite cheap.

The trousers are from Lands End, flat front, linen, and delightful to wear in the sticky Northeast summer. I found mine in the Overstocks section some time ago. They seem to be in the regular price area at the moment [link].

Truly a "what the hell" kind of day.

* Post-Vacation Nitwit-Related Stress Disorder.


Anonymous said...

And the loafers are?

Patrick said...

Allen Edmonds Randolphs, in shell. I got them very cheap because there is a tiny little tear on one, which I haven't bothered to get repaired.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, nice! Thanks for the book recommendation, too. Looking forward to reading more of the things you hate. +1 on the dress shirt senza jacket and tie, ++1 on the buttondown cravat caveat. (sorry, I know better but couldn't resist.)