Saturday, July 5, 2008

WTH Style - Red, White & Blue

See the man.

The man looks irritated.

Why are you looking so grumpy, sir?

The man works in a caring profession, but wishes to switch careers.

He is considering becoming a strangler.

The man has noticed his neck getting thicker.

This annoys him.

And, speaking of necks, he'd like to wring someone else's.

It would make a nice change.

The man is not picky - any neck will do.

It is almost the same as counseling, but quicker.

Navy BrooksCool poplin sack suit with a red butcher stripe point collar Brooks shirt and a blue Sam Hober tie. Square, also in the patriotic color scheme, from a grab bag of two dozen squares found at a thrift shop. Footjoy "factory blemish" shoes.

I was reading somewhere on the FNB site about a navy blazer really making a red striped shirt pop. I decided to apply that idea to the suit, an otherwise dowdy garment.

It also occurred to me that my head fits the color scheme too - red face, white hair, blue eyes.

1 comment:

Tony Ventresca said...

Actually, I think you should be more adventuresome(sp) in your color choices. Go for some snappy "i-banker" shirts maybe. And some Gucci loafers.

I'm actually serious.