Thursday, July 10, 2008


In high school I was required to keep a journal, and I wrote a continuing series called "Things I Hate."

The teachers thought it was pretty funny.

And now, 30 years later, I am doing the same bloody thing. I just dropped the juvenile title, opting for the Menckenesque "Prejudices."

(None of H.L.'s style, though.)

I cannot stand:

  • Stretchy black bicycle panties.
  • The Democratic Party, as currently constructed.
  • Tailgaters - the moving kind, not the ones drinking their breakfast before the football game.
  • MSNBC - The single greatest group of brainless jabbering ninnies ever assembled outside of the United States Senate.
  • The Republican Party, as currently constructed.
  • Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Greens, Move, hippies, hippity-hoppers, muscular Christians, people who speak in the current business school gibberish, and little yappy dogs.
  • Men who wear dress shirts without ties and jackets. Get a sports shirt, morons - you look like hell.
  • The idiotic American cult of youth.
I will have more.


Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman rocks.

Tony Ventresca said...

You must allow that black stretchy cycling pants look good on super-fit, blonde, trophy wives spending their husband's money at around 10:00 AM in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the tie-less dress shirt thing.


trip said...

I must say I felt a twinge of pain when I read about the tie-less and jacket-less dress shirt post. That is actually what I wear to work most days, seeing as how my direct superiors usually wear golf shirts, I have felt generally like it was a step up, without being as conspicuous as a tie. However, this is your blog and you are king here. I should note that I would be quite interested in what things were on your high school "Things I Hate" list.

Patrick said...

I can't remember much about high school, fortunately.

A tie-less shirt really should be a buttondown; the other collars just look dumb flapping around like that.

I have a friend who looks rather good in stretchy black bicycle panties, but she is not blonde and nobody's trophy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's wrong with dress shirts without a tie. Look at the Jogi Löw (german soccer coach) shirt? That look is stunning!