Friday, July 18, 2008

The Great Loafer Hunt pt. 3

In the interests of science I purchased a standard pair of burgundy-colored, corrected grain Weejuns (the "Logan") from the aptly-named Zappos, who zapped 'em here in one day for no handling charge at all. Total cost - a little under $95.

If an American is going to buy a loafer chances are he will purchase these.

I propose to beat the crap out of them and see how they hold up. Photos will be posted as warranted.

Above, how they are now, fresh from the box.


3button Max said...

iinteresting-I have been rather curious about "new" weejuns -it seems the earlier the pair the better the leather-
i also wonder if a good cobbler could dye/shine to a color closer to the mocha /copper type color before the purple hue took hold.
actually it would be somehat appealing to have a pair made after 1990!
enjoyed your posts, Linus always amusing.


Giuseppe said...

the weejuns are certainy the thing, but my florsheim beefroll penny loafers give them a run for the money. They're a little thicker and heavier.

Anonymous said...

PLS: I adore my weejuns and buy them and beat them up regularly. my biggest complaint: the soles wear out so quickly! It's like they're made of a couple of layers of glued up cardboard. Be interested to hear your experience.

Patrick said...

One of the Trads wrote me asking if I was going to do the rubbing alcohol and leather conditioner treatment on these. The idea is to get the plasticky finish off.

But I have an old resoled pair that doesn't seem plasticky at all, and a pair of J & M Aristocrafts that are in much the same shape.

So I am inclined to just leave these alone and observe the process.

Any thoughts on the alcohol treatment idea?

Dustin Deed said...

the story of rubbing alcohol turning plastic-y corrected grain into fine leather is a bit of water-into-wine internet mythology in my opinion. i did it on a pair of fairly new sebago classics and it was a lot of work for very little visual difference. to be perfectly honest, i think just applying leather conditioner and buffing that out would yield pretty similar results as it produces more of a subdued shine if that's what you're after.

Tony Ventresca said...

Good advice from Dustin Deed.

Pat, can you let us know what parts of the new Weejuns are leather? It should be stamped on the inside side, under the sizing info.

we could grow up 2gether said...

i bought a pair and love the, yet, they sort of accentuate how small my feet are ...

Patrick said...

Tony, the info is on the underside of the vamp/tongue whatever, and is hard to read. But it says "Leather upper and outsole/Balance man made materials/Made in El Salvador"