Sunday, July 20, 2008

WTH Style - Understatement. Plus a brief fishing report.

Saturday was a typical mid-summer day for the Northwest Corner - blistering hot, muggy as hell, definitely not suit weather.

Oh yeah?

This is a cotton Brooks Brothers suit, with a high-roll three-button jacket, double vents, pleated trousers. The shoulders have a little more to them than I generally like, but it fits well. (Sometimes I think with my sloping shoulders I should really be looking harder at more structured jackets, anyway.)

The jacket is fully lined, which is a drawback, but otherwise this is a very good suit for this sort of non-suit weather.

So I tossed it together with a Brooks "luxury" shirt I got from eBay and a thrifted pink Hilditch and Key tie, hoping to elicit some more snotty comments from the Yoots. Also a pair of Allen Edmonds Niles in that "chili" color that I think goes well with blue, even if it is lighter than the usual brown shoe color deemed appropriate for use with blue suits.

The next time I trot this suit out I will go with a mod-ish look - white buttondown and dark knit tie. Black shoes.

Meanwhile, in sporting action...

Today I took a lady friend fishing. She is a natural athlete, and has found her groove with the fly rod to some extent. Better than me today, anyway, as she took two fish to my one. Her very first fish - with any kind of tackle - was a medium-sized bluegill, caught from a canoe on a size 4 Madame X caddis fly, with an Orvis 8.5 foot, six-weight rod.

She also entertained me with a steady stream of hilarious remarks on a wide (and occasionally bewildering) variety of subjects, and then made a terrific salmon and veggie salad sort of dish for dinner.

The only disappointing aspect of the day was she failed to fall in the drink, which featured prominently in our first two fishing trips.

The fishing was very slow, but the company more than made up for it. Tomorrow I will resume the Lone Wolf fishing regimen, but somehow I don't think I will be laughing quite as much.


Tony Ventresca said...

She sounds like a keeper. Bad luck about her sense of balance: nothing like a good wet T-shirt surprise!

Anonymous said...

It's very impressive that she went fishing with you a third time after falling in on the previous two trips. She must either like your company, or fishing, or both!