Saturday, July 19, 2008

WTH Style - King Cotton

It was almost 100 percent cotton, head to toe, today. Press sack (that needs a cleaning; tan poplin is a magnet for smuts); Lands End non-iron pinpoint, LE tie, Wang seersucker square, BB shoes and socks.

Eight hours with the crew and I feel like I just went up Mt. Everest on a pogo stick.

It's amazing what wearing pink induces in people, including my favorite - questions about my sexual preference.

To which there is only one answer - "Why don't you kiss me and find out?"


Anonymous said...

Very funny. How can anyone think you gay with such an expression on your face.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the BB socks? If I remember correctly, you had previously stated that their socks were of dubious quality.

In any event, love the blog. Today's enseble looks great - even with the "questionable" color.

Patrick said...

Long memory. These are outlet socks; I bought a whole slew of them a few years back, thinking I was getting a ferocious deal, but most of them disintegrated rather rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Hi-larious! Great suit, and that tie is a masterpiece. I guess men are supposed to dress like slobs today. Sad. Fight the good trad fight (and other important fights). HTJ

Anonymous said...

Love all the madras ties! It's so nice to see someone dressing up for work. Nowadays it's either polos and khakis or a plain dark suit, you rarely see such color and style.

Giuseppe said...

A favorite moment at a rock show, just before my own group was tp perform:

(scene; dingy mensroom)

stranger: what's with you guys and the pink shirts? its a little bit gay, don't ya think?

me: of course it is, but the girls love it when sttuff is just a little bit gay...

...besides, you're the one talking to strangers in the mens room

one of the few times i actually nailed a comeback right on time.