Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crucial Elements of Fishing

Here are some important things to remember when fishing - things that don't often get mentioned in the angling journals:

1. Assess the day with large amounts of caffeine. Clearly it is mid-morning in this shot, so any hope of an early hatch is shot to hell. Best thing is to get completely frantic on coffee and then take a nap.


2. Practice standing around looking manly. I do this in case a pickup containing one of those attractive gals featured in Fly Fisherman photo shoots happens by. It is impossible to overestimate the eroticism of a girl in waders holding a big-ass trout.

For some reason this tactic has never done me the slightest good, but I persist.

3. Find a shady spot for a streamside kip.

4. Inform the deer that the Hokey Pokey went out years ago.

5. Thank the duck family, in a voice dripping with sarcasm, for barging through just as the wary trout was starting to show some interest in my dry fly.


Tony Ventresca said...

Have you ever thought about seeking a job with the NPS?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Very nice pics. Please, keep 'em coming old chap.