Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boardroom WTH Style

Lest you think that "What the Hell?" style is confined to Trad and/or casual clothing, here is "AQG" from the Film Noir Buff - Talk Ivy forum doing something splendidly obnoxious in what he calls a "Standard Vulture Capitalist" vein.


Tucker said...

That tie is a favorite of mine. Versatile.

Tony Ventresca said...

Gingham shirts are always marvelous(sp).

Anonymous said...

The tie is 7th Rajput Regiment with whom I served in Injah, don't you know, before becoming a Standard Vulture Capitalist.

Quite an honor to be posted here. I do have to tell you though, Patrick, that I have stealthily acquired a 5% stake in Coiled Pleasures. Tender offer goes at at noon tomorrow. Unless, of course, we can come to terms.