Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Heated Age

I am packing up summer clothing for winter storage in the family's palatial mountain retreat, located at the end of a dirt road next to a colony of atavistic dirt Buddhists somewhere in the Catskill Mountains.

The Buddhists keep an eye on things, and perform weird and unspeakable rites to ensure trespassers stay away. The occasional poacher gets through; there is a feast, and much rejoicing. (You figure it out.)

On one of the clothing boards there is currently a discussion of the favorite blazer, and it occurred to me as I shoved my oar in that the main reason I like my thrift shop Brooks Brothers model is that it has a 3/8 lining, or almost none at all, and is made of hopsack, a coarse weave that breathes well.

I can wear this jacket anywhere, any time, and not overheat. And the same cannot be said of many of my favorite jackets, especially the cold-weather stuff.

And this is because Americans think they have a constitutional right to be gently poached in the workplace.

I'm sorry, but 74 degrees inside is too damn warm. 70 is okay, 68 even better. Mr. Obama took a lot of heat for mouthing off on this topic a while back, but it was the only area where I agree with the radical socialist pinko Commie jug-eared freak.

I wonder if skyrocketing fuel prices will get Americans to turn the heat down.

And, inadvertently, contribute to the renaissance - men keeping their jackets on during the day.


Anonymous said...

why not keep your political comments to yourself? I've been an avid reader until now -- think I'll take a break for awhile now.

Anonymous said...

^ waaaaah!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Excellent post, Patrick. You're totally spot on. I really enjoyed this one.

I like the comment about dirt Buddhists. Around here, we have beach Buddhists and the occasional pavement Buddhist. They can be distinguished from their long-haired hippy cousins by their shaved head. Otherwise, they're very similar. In a closed room with my eyes closed, I would not be able to tell a hippy and a beach Buddhist apart.

I agree with you about the blazer. American interiors are much too warm. Just think. If this Peak Oil theory plays out and central heating & air-conditioning become things of the past, your collection of tweed jackets, tweed suits, and blazers will finally come into its own.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I am sure that indoor temps were a tad cooler years ago, given all those three piece suits that Brooks Bros. offered, say, 30 years ago. There is something just plain wrong with people indoors dressed in shorts and tshirts in the dead of winter. What the world needs now need is more heavy tweed...and of course "love sweet love." Cheers.

Giuseppe said...

I love my hopsack blazer too.Funny, because I also blogged mine today.You forgot to mention the best part though: they do not wrinkle. I could fold mine up and shove it in a drawer, and still put it on and look all fesh and crisp.

as for politics, I like the jug-eared pinko, you like the dottering old curmudgeon. Who cares. Either way we're all f**ked

(except for those same 5 rich good lousy pieces of....)

Turling said...

Why do people get so upset when you mention anything regarding politics? I'm sure there is a study on it. Like Giuseppe, I support the pinko (only, because having the mayor of Moose Jaw become President when the old guy kicks the bucket in two years scares the daylights out of me), but I laughed outloud at your description. I think I'm going to have to steal that one.

I used to park cars in Laguna Beach in my youth and know of the crazy buddhists of which LBT speaks. Great dancers, though. If your intoxicated. And unconscious.

Patrick said...

Anonymous' bold comment inspires me to add more political comments.

initials CG said...

It's gotten so ridiculous with heating and air-conditioning in the office. I sometimes wear my winter wardrobe in the summer office because I freeze my ass off. My summer suits are ideal for the meetings in the winter wear some institutions insist on cranking the heat to melt the earth's core. No one dares taking off their jackets until the 88 year old capo takes his off. He never does. They almost pass out. It's hilarious. It's January and they're suffering heat-stroke, while I'm in my summer weights. Whatever it takes to earn a paycheck!

Tony Ventresca said...

Office temperature? My God, Americans are such whiners.

Buddhists? My God, I don't think I've ever met one.

Anonymous said...

I think you should direct more political comments to sensitive socialist girlie men like anonymous. hiding behind mommies' skirt.