Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Many of you (well, two) have asked, "Where is the incisive NFL commentary plus the mediocre against-the-spread picks?"

I am not going to even think about pro football until after the World Series.

I find, increasingly, that all televised sports irritate me. The hype and crapola quotient is alarmingly high, and I am tired of it.

Plus, living here in the Northwest Corner, I have to listen to sour grapes from Yankee fans, and lousy sportsmanship from Red Sox fans, who are now just Yankee fans with different accents and hats.

So we'll pick it up around Week Five or Six, if anybody still cares.

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Giuseppe said...

Red Sox fans really annoy me lately, too. Having lived my whole life in Boston rooting for the Sox, I have to say I liked the fans better back in the days of the curse. At least back then the Average Joe actually had some pathos.

Still, there's no beating Joe Castiglione on A.M. 680