Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Burn After Reading This Post; Time Out For CACA '08

In a rare departure from the norm I went to an actual movie theater to see
Burn After Reading (from the Bros. Coen) the other day.

The Bros. are in good form with this lightweight but decidedly weird little spy caper - which is one big MacGuffinfest.

No spoilers, just rest assured that nobody in the picture knows what the hell is going on.

It's very funny, and the mega-annoying Brad Pitt (playing what must be someone pretty close to his ownself) gets his.

No nekkidity, but excellent hatchet attack. Decent wardrobe department, too. John Malkovich is especially loopy, and George Clooney proves why he is the logical successor to Cary Grant in his ability to play nitwits.

This gets an Iron Coil, as I believe it has lasting value.

In other news, this blog will cease for a few days as I head to Phoenicia, N.Y. for a CACA event. Which means my attorney, Thos., is coming up for a few days of fishing, crock pot stews and bad movies. We might do the Deathstalker series again, or at least nos. I-III.


(If you are wondering what the hell CACA is, click here)


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I have no idea what you just wrote, but have fun anyway.

J.P. said...

What is CACA?

Patrick said...

See above for an explanation of CACA, or check this link to a very old post


Tony Ventresca said...

Odd movie, full of incomparable casting choices and acting jobs, but no story. Which is fine, I guess, for some people.