Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Loafer Hunt Marches On

"Hello, J.P.? Lissen, you tell those dumb bastids I won't take a goddamn nickel under the original offer!"

As if I didn't have anything better to do, such as find a job, I recently received two full strap loafers.

First up, a pair of seconds from Footjoy via an outfit called Golf Locker. Get on their email list, because every so often they have scads of Footjoy leather-soled dress shoes - seconds at around $120 and allegedly blemished shoes for around $90. A wide range of sizes and widths, too.

And hey - they are made in the USA. I think they give Allen Edmonds a run for the money, and even at full whack ($250 or so) beat the bejeesus out of poor old Johnston & Murphy, RIP.

Below, a pair of eBayed Allen Edmonds Randolphs. They will need new soles and heels in the near future. I love the heels on these.

This wraps up the Great Loafer Hunt for now. My quest is complete, and I have a loafer for every loafing-type occasion.


Tony Ventresca said...

Extremely good looking shoes. The Footjoy shoes look to be better made than the Allen Edmond's.

Patrick said...

The Footjoys are newer, anyway. I think they are a seriously overlooked brand. People think of golf shoes or rubber-soled casuals. I always thought they were maybe a step or two above the house brands at Payless. I was pleasantly suprised when AlanC from the Trad forum alerted me to the dress shoe sales from Golf Locker. I have several pairs now, all have held up well.

Y'all check it out, hear?

Anonymous said...

So, what happened to the new Weejuns. What's the verdict on them?

Patrick said...

The Weejuns are fine, but I really didn't get the chance to beat the crap out of them as I'd planned.

Reason? I have too many shoes.

I have two and a half weeks before my new gig starts. I will wear them a lot and see how it goes.