Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't have a happy history with blue jeans. They don't fit me.

And I have tried.

Until recently I usually had a good-sized gut, and continue to be spectacularly shortchanged in the fanny department. So wearing trousers of any kind that sit on the hips was just not going to be aesthetically pleasing.

But now that I am holding at 160 pounds, and improving slowly but steadily via running, sit-ups and a pretty good diet, I thought I would give the jeans wheeze another whirl.

Dressy casual is tricky to me. I am wary of looking like the clothing equivalent of a mullet haircut - business and party combined.

The skinny: Levis regular fit (with a zipper, I am not going to fiddle around with buttons, thanks); Ralph of Long Island oxford cloth buttondown in the coveted peach color (via eBay); J. Press tweed jacket from a guy at Ask Andy; pocket square from Sam Hober; watch strap from Central Watch; Dressabout chocolate nubuck shoes and Gold Toe argyles from the fine folks at J.C. Penney.


Giuseppe said...

Not bad for a first shot. My only advice would be to buy your next pair of Levi's in a darker wash. I find it tends to work better with tweeds, button-downs and brown shoes.

Unknown said...

I like the look, the shoe especially. It makes me think "Redwings!... but not quite!"
I agree with the above poster. I've found a fit I like in denim, and then bought an indigo, blue, and light wash of each. (i don't wear'em that often but, whenever I do, I want choices by golly).
I'm actually jealous that you can use the AA thrift. I see so many things there that I want, but I'm a 30 waist and 38 chest at the most. :(

Oh, and congrats on what I'm guessing is a successful result of your new eating habits.