Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tedious Errands WTH Style

Guys have been talking about the perfect sweatshirt; LL Bean's is about as close to the ones I remember being issued in high school gym class.

Paired with loafers makes it a "What the Hell?" moment.

I tire of ribbon strap watch bands, for today, anyway.


Anonymous said...

The Clubmasters suit you. Sharp.

Anonymous said...

What make are those loafers? Love the color.

Patrick said...

I've wanted a pair of Clubmasters forever, and finally said the hell with it and pulled thr trigger. I am reluctant to spend $95 on a pair of sunglasses as my m.o. in the past has been to sit on them.

The loafers are Sebagos, in what they call "oiled" leather.