Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tedious Errands WTH Style

Guys have been talking about the perfect sweatshirt; LL Bean's is about as close to the ones I remember being issued in high school gym class.

Paired with loafers makes it a "What the Hell?" moment.

I tire of ribbon strap watch bands, for today, anyway.


Tuck said...

The Clubmasters suit you. Sharp.

Anonymous said...

What make are those loafers? Love the color.

P.L. Sullivan said...

I've wanted a pair of Clubmasters forever, and finally said the hell with it and pulled thr trigger. I am reluctant to spend $95 on a pair of sunglasses as my m.o. in the past has been to sit on them.

The loafers are Sebagos, in what they call "oiled" leather.