Monday, September 15, 2008

Zombie Time

I am having a hell of a time getting off the Zombie schedule.

When I toiled at Space Camp from 4 p.m. to midnight, Tuesday through Saturday, I rarely hit the sack before 3 a.m., so heebied were my jeebies.

Instead of making a calming cup of chamomile tea and reading something intensely significant (read: boring) I would smoke four cigars and watch proto- exploitation films from the 1930s with titles like "Sex Madness" and "Cocaine Fiends."

So I have been trying to go to bed and get up at regular times, but here I am again, after 11 p.m., fiddling around on the computer.

I was up and about for a 7 a.m. gig with some friends, however. It's a regular weekday event and it will fit into my new schedule.

Here is Zombie Time Adjustment Trad Style:

The skinny: LE oxford cloth buttondown shirt (one of the averaged sleeve size shirts from Sears); LE chinos; Clark's desert boots (again)


Tony Ventresca said...

You look more relaxed in that photo, if a bit older, than in any previous. The new/old job is a good thing, apparently.

Patrick said...

I haven't even started yet!

But yes, things are considerably more relaxed here in CACA-land.